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It's a long, long way to......

téléchargement.pngWho knows the truth about the war in the Ukraine ?

God ? May be,  but for sure the webmasters of the game, namely the big bosses of the CIA and russian secret services. 

So, what an old dotard like me writes about  it is worthless. Let us rather sing on that sad situation. I suggest the famous World War I song :"It's a long, long way to Tipperary.."

Some may remember it, and it could soon be  sung again in the Ukraine ........It is indeed a very, very long way to go....... to  Sebastopol, not to mention Moscow......

I am just an old fool, but I surmise there may be some deal in the making. Praising the courage of the Ukrainians and celebrating their tactical victories is one thing, but they are no big deal in the picture and preparing them for a deal seems appropriate.

Poor Ukrainians ! Real politics ignore them.

PS :  I do not care to translate this note into French considering  this war is against the  interest of my country. It is a mere American Russian stupid challenge, and France should keep out of it as soon as possible. Supporting the Ukrainians against a brutal aggression was right at first, but now it is time to stop the stupid game !


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