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  • About Midterm elections.


    téléchargement (1).jpgThe short republican victory at the american midterm elections is good news on this side of the Atlantic. Unlike the Democrats the american right confronts  that  woke and cancel culture that weakens and corrupts  not only America, but the West as a whole.

    On this side of the Atlantic many feel uneasy about Joe Biden's leadership and an America divided and weakened by the spread of wokism and cancel culture. 

    Although in military and geopolitical terms the transatlantic   relationship  may  have been reinforced by the russian   aggression,  Americans and Europeans still fail to realize that their common  western civilisation is threatened from  within itself. It makes no sense confronting Poutine or China if the free world  is destroyed by decadent  libertarian permissiveness and distorted moral values.

    Moral decline may also  have political consequences because on this side  of the Atlantic main stream  american culture, with its drag queens and  LGTB activists, and its racialist  narrative,  is more an more received as a racist  attempt to get it done with the european  roots of western culture. Call it populism or not, it is a fact.

    Trump's voters feel like european populists and they react with fury against a seemingly democratic order  which is indeed perverted and used malevolently by the  militants of wokism and cancel culture

    In this context Poutine's criticism of western decadence is more than propaganda and we should listen to what he says in order to  confront him with  more than weapons. The West may need some kind of moral rearming. 

    To put it bluntly and shortly as a conclusion, the question is this : is it tolerable that in the West,  mainstream mediatic culture keeps promoting a racist attempt to do away with age-long european values ?

    And this  in the name of  a so-called cancel cuture, the real name of which is  suicide culture.